De maatregelen rondom het coronavirus hebben gevolgen voor onze geplande activiteiten. Op deze pagina leest u meer over hoe het corona virus het werk van OM raakt en de maatregelen die wij daarbij treffen. Neem bij vragen gerust contact met ons op.


Short Term reizen

Jouw thuisland:

Transform Kabwe

You will be expected to follow a schedule of different ministry activities.

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Hope Kasama

Participants will be expected to follow a schedule for the different ministry activities for that day

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Transform Sesheke

Transform Sesheke outreach will take place in western province of Zambia, and all participants will be hosted at a place called “Zamulimu”, situated on the banks of the Zambezi river, 50km from Sesheke town, and 250km from Livingstone. The main focus of this outreach is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the tribe caught up in syncretism, where they combine Jesus Christ and the tribal culture of "sangomas”, and touching lives of orphans, and vulnerable children.

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Hope Ndola

OM Ndola in Zambia has a vision to share the gospel to Muslims and make them effective followers of Jesus Christ through a mobilized church!

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