Serving in anti-human trafficking through Missions

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Journey Overview

The purpose is to grow in awareness regarding anti-trafficking work and missions while serving within after-care of survivors of human trafficking and contribute to the organisation's overall vision and needs.

The program allows for gaining experience from working within anti-trafficking efforts and as an outcome an excellent opportunity to explore one's role within anti-trafficking and/or missions long-term and/or in one's local community.

Language: It is a must that you understand and speak English.

Other languages used commonly: Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, Dari, Chinese, Russian etc.

A driver's license is a plus but not mandatory.

Dates: We need volunteers all the time, we are flexible in finding an appropriate timing and length of stay (min. 6 weeks). Beware! Short term missions might severely impact and change the course of your life for the glory of the Lord. If that's what you're after, please proceed.
Also note that prices is a price per month and does not include your traveling costs.

Participant Profile

Mature Christian woman that is willing to learn by coming alongside a team for a minimum of 6 weeks period. Participant does not have to have previous experience from anti-human trafficking work but have a heart for serving women from vulnerable backgrounds. Cultural sensitivity, pro-activeness, self-reflection and honesty with self and the team along with good communications skills are essential to the work.

Depending on the participant’s skills and interests, it will be possible to plan and be involved in the daily life of the residents and the home through recreation, life skills training etc. Involvement and development of other ministry related events is welcomed. The participant will be expected to function as a full team member with taking on shifts as the night worker (sleep on site).

The participant will also be part of the OM team in Finland and involved in some church visits, events etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be accommodation provided?

Accommodation is on site of the residential care unit. An independent apartment can be used, or one of the rooms in the house.

Will there be food provided?

Meals are not provided. Participant is responsible for one's grocery shopping and meal preparations. Fully equipped kitchen available.

Participant is entitled for a reimbursement of 40€/week for voluntary work which helps to cover grocery shopping expenses.

Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?

Participants are responsible for travel costs and arrangements to and from Finland.

We suggest flying into Helsinki International Airport, with airport code: HEL. Participants will be picked up at the airport. A programme leader will contact them prior to the day of arrival to arrange pick-up details.

What should my health condition be like?

Due to the nature of the ministry, mental health and personal history with trauma are to be taken into account and discussed prior to and with the unit staff.

Finland does not require covid-testing or proof, but do check the specific requirements connected with your country of departure.

Participants are responsible for getting an all-inclusive travel insurance for the full length of stay.

Do I need a visa?

It is possible to stay with a tourist visa in Finland for up to 90 days. For periods 3+ months, EU-country residents can register in the country.

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