CUBE - Children at Risk Outreach and Ministry Training

An intensive one month program - empowering believers to be effective in cross-cultural ministry. Upon request it can be extended up to two months.

CUBE is run as a group with involvement in the following practical ministries: refugee ministry, children at risk ministry, arts ministry, medical ministry, prayer and evangelism. It includes weekly team day, Bible study and various trips around the country in order to reach the unreached. CUBE directors are involved directly, serving as guides for cultural understanding and keeping close contact with language teachers and ministry supervisors.

Please note: Prices might be subject to change due to fluctuation in exchange rates and exclude travel, insurance, visa and vaccination costs.
Short term missions might severely impact your life challenging you to leave your comfort zone and follow Jesus wherever you go. Please be advised :-)!

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Families welcome
Groups welcome
Mon 1 Jul 2019 to Wed 31 Jul 2019
Apply by
Sat 1 Jun 2019
1519.00 EUR
18 - 75
Ministry details

The six sides to CUBE:

Study local colloquial Arabic - speak to people
in their heart language.

Study local culture; understand the people and their perspectives.

Study Islam and learn to work in this culture; be effective in sharing your faith in a cultural sensitive manner.

Spiritual/physical health:
Learn balance in ministry, including intentional spiritual development and physical fitness as part of weekly schedules.

Ministry involvement:
Learn how ministry works cross culturally, getting hands-on experience in a specific ministry setting.

Experience the country through organized trips and ministry opportunities;

Participant profile

Any followers of Jesus who have a heart to serve in the Muslim World. Also, CUBE can meet the requirements for a college/university internship program and can be customized to meet the participant's needs.


Fully equipped guest house. All bedding and linens are provided. There are common areas for groups to meet to enjoy devotions and time together. Wifi available. Housing is located in a very nice area near the airport, and public transportation is nearby.


Meals will be prepared and eaten where you live and you might also have to cook some days. You will be introduced to local fast food so be prepared to try new things!!


Book your flight to the International Airport in the capital.


Good health is required. Please bring all personal medication with you. Please inform the team leaders of any medical issues.


Most nationalities can get visa upon arrival in the International Airport for $25. Your passport has to be valid for at least six months. Please check with the embassy/consulate if you need a visa in advance.


Our local teams are aware and constantly reviewing the security situation. The government places the highest priority on the safety of tourists. They have enhanced security measures in place at all the sites, and they continue to take every possible measure to ensure that no harm comes to anyone visiting their country.

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