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The Luke 24 Journey is a personal journey within a team setup. We focus on hearing GodÔÇÖs voice, live by faith and obedience. As we travel through the mountains or the desert there may be an opportunity to minister to or serve people. The Luke 24 journey is unique in the sense that it doesnÔÇÖt have a fixed or planned program beforehand. As we journey together we ask and trust God to guide us in our daily walk with him. Our desire through the Luke 24 Journey is that people would receive or confirm a clear calling and be commissioned to be Disciple Makers wherever they may find themselves in the future.

The Luke 24 Journey will start with teaching and input through a biblical and chronological teaching that focusses on Jesus through the Old and New Testament. (Luke 24:27). Then we will also discover together our Identity and Destiny in Christ. (Luke 24:31-35) It is also part of the journey that we will equip participants in order to hear the voice of God and minister to others. Thereafter there will be an outreach to apply what has been learned. (Luke 24:47-49)

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
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Ma 31 Okt 2022 to Di 29 Nov 2022
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Di 2 Aug 2022
950.00 USD
18 - 99
Ministry details

It is our desire to create an opportunity where participants can have an Emmaus experience, as in Luke 24. This will be done through various teachings, experiences, and an outreach.

Jouw profiel

Participants need to be at a point in their life where they are prepared for significant changes in their walk with Christ. We expect participants to be team players that submit to the authority of the team leaders. It is also important for participants to know that there could be times of extensive travelling to potentially rural areas where we will work with cultures that could be significantly different than our own. Families with teenage children are welcome to join!


Accommodation could be a combination of dorimitory style or tent camping. You will be sharing a room or tent most nights during the Luke 24 Journey.


Food will be basic but healthy meals. Everything you will need (unless you have special dietary needs - please inform us during the application process) will be provided, but the preparation of meals will be the responsibility of team members.


Please plan to arrive on 31 October, 2022 in Windhoek. You will be booked (we make the booking) at a Guesthouse for your first nights stay and will be picked up the next morning (1 November) from your guesthouse. You will need to arrange for a shuttle/taxi from the airport. We recommend Dial-a-cab which you can book at

Your guest house address will be confirmed in your information documents that you receive once you are accepted for the L24 Journey.


Participants should be generally healthy, able to cope with much traveling, should be able to do a day hike (carry a day pack), and should not have any major dietary or medicinal needs (please inform us of any such needs during the application process as it may determine acceptance or not).


It is the SOLE responsibility of each participant to research the visa requirements for their nationality to visit Namibia. MOST nationalities however are able to arrive at the Namibian port of entry and receive upto a 90 day tourist Visa free of charge.


If you would like to partake in some "tourist" type traveling or activities before or after your time on the Luke 24 Journey, please reach out to the OM Namibia team before booking any such traveling or activities. We may be able to help in making recommendations for cheaper options, safer options, and options that fit your time table better.

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