De maatregelen rondom het coronavirus hebben gevolgen voor onze geplande activiteiten. Op deze pagina leest u meer over hoe het corona virus het werk van OM raakt en de maatregelen die wij daarbij treffen. Neem bij vragen gerust contact met ons op.


Reaching people of the local community.

Assisting village children with doing their homework.
Occasional physical work.
Dropping off donated items at vulnerable families

Beware! Short term missions might severely impact and change the course of your life for the glory of the Lord. If that's what youÔÇÖre after, please proceed.
Also note that prices may be subject to change due to fluctuating exchange rates and that the advertised cost does not include your traveling costs.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Gezinnen zijn welkom
Groups welcome
Wo 1 Sept 2021 to Wo 1 Dec 2021
Aanmelden voor
Ma 2 Aug 2021
1500.00 EUR
18 - 60
Ministry details

In everything we do at Tshega our aim is to reach the local community as a result we are involved with many different community projects. We run a fully function school during the South African school terms as well as feeding schemes, working a long side a local church, sports ministry etc.

Jouw profiel

Hard working
Take initiative


Dormitory style housing.




Please make your own travel arrangements. Information is provided on different types of transport you can use.




Please check with you local South African embassy.


We can take participants at any time, for any length of time, depending on their individual situation.
The advertised cost is per day and per person. The cost does not include travel, visa or medical coverage expenses.

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