Use your practical skills to give oversight to the maintenance of our Florence, South Carolina property and facilities in order to ensure the property and buildings are well maintained and working effectively.



1. Maintenance and Repair Work
Proactively perform routine and extensive maintenance and repair to the OM Ships Florence property, buildings and equipment in order to maintain them in excellent condition.

2. Coordination
Coordinate the engagement of volunteers and contractors in the maintenance of the Florence property and buildings in order to ensure excellent, cost-effective maintenance that provides partner opportunities for potential volunteers with maintenance skills.

3. Grounds and Buildings
Ensure the grounds and buildings are well maintained in order to ensure the property is well presented and that equipment and systems are operating effectively.     

4. Vehicles
Manage the fleet of vehicles in order to ensure they are kept in good working order and service the needs of OM Ships in Florence.

5. Property Development Projects
Assist the Florence Managing Director in the planning and implementation of property development projects in order to ensure each assigned project is undertaken in a cost effective and timely manner to best suit the needs of the ministry.

Applicant must be either a US Citizen or hold US Permanent Residence

A. Ministry involvement
Ensure you are actively involved in team life at your location when possible, in order to ensure you are ministering to others and being ministered to. 

B. Support base development
Actively develop and maintain a prayer and financial support base for your ministry with OM Ships International in order to resource your ministry and that of OM Ships with prayer and financial resources.   

C. Safe working practices
Ensure work is carried out in accordance with written and verbal communicated internal and external safety, environmental and country specific legal regulation in order to ensure safe working practice and avoidance of intentional disability.


  • Ability and drive to take initiative, follow through and complete projects
  • Task oriented
  • Organizational skills
  • Scheduling ability
  • Ability to relate and work with a wide variety of people
  • Practical maintenance skills and experience
  • Project Management skills and experience
Start date
January 2021
Length of Commitment
1-2 Years
Full or part time
Full Time
Ships, Technical and Practical Skills

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